Sunday, February 13, 2011

Prayer Prints to Help Kids Learn


We recently did the Image of God Kindergarten lesson on prayer. While Blaise has known her prayers for a long time, I took the opportunity to hang up the Our Father prints in the dining room. We moved from picture to picture (Roman joined in, too) saying the words of the prayer and discussing what the words meant. The kids loved this so much that I hung up our Hail Mary pints on another wall, and we repeated the process.


Having these hanging up is a wonderful way for the kids to learn the prayers and encourages them to pray on their own as well. I've seen Blaise walking along the prayers numerous times, singing the prayers to herself. Roman likes to walk along and inspect the pictures and within a week he added the Our Father to his prayer repertoire and actually joined in at Mass last week!

During Lent last year, I hung up the Stations of the Cross prints, and we walk those at home together. I've found some good books to go along with them, and I'll post about those another time.

I also have the Rosary prints...I haven't displayed those yet, but what I would like to do is mount each of them to a sturdy board and as we (someday) do a daily rosary hang up each mystery as we meditate upon it. I am also planning on knitting up roses to use with the rosary. I have a bunch of other rosary ideas that I'll collect in another post sometime.


  1. These are great! I used these when I taught first and second grade. I forgot about them till now. I'll have to look into buying them.

  2. We have the rosary prints and have used them every night for years.... at first I wasn't sure how to display/protect them from wear and tear. I wanted to find an easy way to change the picture for each mystery, and got the idea of an easel-style "flip chart" folder like the one below. this way the pages are protected too. If the link doesn't work, a search on "flip display easel" should bring a few sites up.

  3. This is a great idea. Many years ago I put my rosary prints in a binder with page protectors. We would take them out during the rosary and the youngest kids would take turns holding them....but I should get the other sets. Sue's idea for the Easel book is awesome too!

  4. Those are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!